A non-resident of Lakewood Cove drives through the neighborhood.  If properties are in

violation of the deed restrictions a violation form is recorded, a picture is taken of the house and the violation.

The violation forms are mailed out. Residents / owners will need to correct the violation before the next drive through to avoid another violation.


If you receive a NOTICE OF VIOLATION OF DEED RESTRICTIONS the following may help you understand the form. Read the form carefully. In the top LEFT corner it will state if you are receiving a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd violation.

A 1st and 2nd violation does not generate a fine and is a courtesy reminder that something on your property is

in violation of the Lakewood Cove deed restrictions. If you correct the problem before the 3rd violation is issued

there is no fine assessed. IF on the 3rd drive through the violation still exists you will receive a 3rd violation notice and a fine will be assessed. At the bottom of the form the box or boxes checked specify what is in violation. Examples are your yard needs to be mowed, edged, weeds need to be cut down, remove trash in the yard, etc.


The person recording the violations is oblivious as to who lives in what home. If a home owned by a member of

the board is found in violation they too will receive a violation notice. Everyone is treated equally there is no

favoritism. The person recording the violations does NOT have a quota. Board members of Lakewood Cove H.O.A. do not enjoy issuing fines. They would be happy if no violations were recorded. This would mean that all yards and homes meet the deed restrictions and we all benefit from our neighborhood looking it's best.


The violation notice is not intended as an attack against the homeowner or resident. It's just a way to notify the

homeowner or resident that something does not meet the deed restrictions standards.


Common areas owned by the Lakewood Cove H.O.A are maintained with H.O.A. funds. The landscape maintenance company has a schedule to mow and edge all common areas. They increase the frequency during spring and summer. There are areas along Laurel Springs Drive that are NOT H.O.A. property. The median and the land along the west side of Laurel Springs Drive are owned by the city. If the weekly drive through finds common areas that are in violation the board is notified and action is taken to correct the problem.


If you feel you have received a violation notice in error you may contact the board via Email at and request a review. The copy of the violation notice you received is pulled along with the picture that was taken. If a mistake was made the board will admit the mistake and tell you to ignore the notice. If there was not a mistake you will also be notified and a copy of the picture supporting the violation will be sent to you.


If you fail to correct the violation in a timely manner per the bylaws the Lakewood Cove H.O.A. can have the violation corrected at the homeowners expense.