History Of Lakewood Cove

JMC was the original developer/contractor of Lakewood Cove. JMC homes can be distinguished by a plaque which is set into the front brick of the house, showing both the street number and the words JMC. JMC subsequently sold their remaining lots to Parkside Homes and Casa Linda for development. Parkside Homes are located on the north side of Laurel Sage Drive; all of Laurel Timbers Drive; all of Laurel Pine Drive and all of Laurel Pine Circle. The remaining homes in the subdivision and the south side of Laurel Sage Drive were built by Casa Linda. Additional information for all 3 builders can be found on the internet.

If you are curious as to who built the home you may or might purchase, ask the seller, look for the JMC plaque, or contact a board member.


How to contact the board 


The subdivision is not managed by a management company and the subdivision does not have a telephone due to financial concerns. The best way to reach the board is to send an e-mail; if a response is required we will work to answer as soon as possible.


Suggeston Box: 


We welcome suggestions and our best successes have come from suggestions received from homeowners. However, our goal is to maintain the property value of the neighborhood and we realize homeowners may not always agree with the decisions of the board. If you disagree with a decision please avoid making threats or using vulgar language, either verbally or in writing. We all want this to be a successful neighborhood and we all want to maintain the values for one of our biggest assets (our homes).


Kudos to the great neighbors in the subdivision keep up the hard and good work.