Lakewood Cove has enforced deed restrictions. The restrictions were put in place by the developer as part of an effort to maintain uniformity of use and standards of appearance. On the whole, having good deed restrictions and consistent enforcement helps preserve property values and minimizes unhappiness between neighbors. To understand how deed

restrictions apply to your property, please refer to the by-laws which were provided to you upon closing. 


When notified of a deed restriction violation, please correct the violation in a timely

manner. Your neighbors and the board appreciate your compliance with deed restrictions.

Please contact the board with question or concerns regarding deed restrictions. 


All improvements which change the original plans and/or outline of your house must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. This includes room additions, new roof, new fences, etc. If you are considering repainting the outside of your home a different color contact the Architectural Control Committee for color approval BEFORE beginning your painting project. 


As we are a part of the City Of Houston, city inspectors must also approve all improvements or additions. 


Architectual Control Committee Permit Request Application PDF File (Click to download)


Deed Restrictions PDF File     (Click to download)


Lakewood Cove Homeowner's Association By-Laws (Click to download)